Mission Statement

The ENALH (“Everyone Needs A Little Help”) Foundation is built on true love and compassion. Our mission is to provide high quality affordable housing, supplies, and resources to veterans and their families, while simultaneously improving communities across the United States.


The ENALH Foundation is an established 501-C3 nonprofit led by a passionate board of directors. We provide housing and resources to veterans, their families, and communities. Established in 2020 in South Florida, we have had numerous successful fundraising campaigns and have multiple projects in progress. Please consider donating or getting involved to help speed these projects along and help our veterans!


Featured Program: House Our Heroes

Almost 40,000 veterans are without shelter in the US on any given night. For every 1,000 veterans, 8 are homeless. 45% of veterans suffer from mental illness. 1.4 veterans are at risk of becoming homeless
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Featured Project: Patriot Place

Patriot Place is an affordable housing project for homeless veterans. We are actively raising funds for this project and looking to partner with local municipalities or landowners to bring this project to life.
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In Loving Memory Of:

Monica Govin Nardone



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